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Dog Walker Maple Ridge
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Dog Walker Maple Ridge

WagMore Training offers top-quality, science-based training for dogs that need a little obedience tune up! 


If you have a new puppy, a rescue dog or an adolescent pup, please check my Services page to see how we can help you live more harmoniously with your dog! 



If your loveable pooch lacks manners and obedience we can help!  Training your dog is the absolute best investment you can make in your dog's future.  Not only does it create a special and lasting bond between the two of you, training will keep your dog safe and secure.  Imagine having a dog that you can take on vacation anywhere or a dog that friends and family will happily welcome to their homes?  We can make this a realistic goal.  


Private one on one coaching sessions can help you live more peacefully with your dog. We can help solve problems such as nuisance barking, jumping up, leash pulling, chewing, digging and house soiling. Or if you have a new rescue dog or an adolescent/teenager and would like to learn some rock solid obedience skills that will help prevent problem behaviours from arising, I can teach you! 


Group obedience classes are a great way to teach your pup to listen to you around other dogs.  This can be the biggest challenge for many dog owners, especially those with adolescent dogs who are more interested in playing with their friends or sniffing the ground than listening to their owners.  


In my 6 week Level 1 group class your pup will learn valuable skills and manners, such as focus, recall, stay, how to stop door dashing, leave it/take it/drop it and arguably the most challenging skill for many dogs and their humans - loose leash walking/heeling. 


Once you've graduated from Level 1, you may wish to perfect your obedience skills in my Level 2 class.  At this level we phase out food rewards, work on hand signal only commands, work at a greater distance, and challenge our dogs to work around increasing levels of distraction.  

All classes are held in a fun, relaxed environment and are based in the premise that dog training should be enjoyable for you and your dog.


Level 1 Class - 6 classes:

Mondays May 8 - June 19 (no class Victoria Day May 22) 

  • 5pm spots available 

  • 6pm (4 spots available)

Level 2 Class - 6 classes:

Mondays May 8 - June 19 (no class Victoria Day May 22)

  • 7pm - spots available


If you've just purchased or adopted a new puppy, you may be wondering how to deal with issues such as nipping/biting, house training, the best sleeping arrangements, chewing or destructive behaviours.  Some things you may not be aware of are the importance of nap times, how much sleep young dogs need, why it is vital you socialize your puppy BEFORE the vaccination schedule is completed, why its so important to teach a puppy proper bite inhibition.  There is so much to learn and cope with when you have a new puppy.  I am here to help you navigate all the advice you'll receive from well meaning friends and neighbours.  Start your training as early as possible, and you'll create a beautifully behaved, confident family member, rather than have to fix problems later!  


We had an amazing positive learning experience with WagMore
Training and we're confident you and your pup will too. Some of the changes we saw in our dog were better overall manners, more mature and we connected with him through eye contact, games and exercises like we never expected. Our dog now greets people calmly while sitting, heels on command, and shows so much focus!

I've had several dogs in my life and this is the first time I've dedicated to formal training. After 1 session, I saw improvement in my rescue pup! After completing 3 sessions, I really know this was the absolute right decision to ensure a happy and long lasting relationship in our family.
Rachel gives clear direction and was kind and loving towards our 11 month old pup Morgan. I saw huge improvements in his focus and attention on walks, when passing people and dogs, and trying to pick up anything and everything he finds. His recall is getting really good and he consistently responds to his name and commands.

Our dog training experience with Rachel was excellent! Her knowledge is extensive and we finished our sessions with concrete exercises to implement in our training. Most importantly, after following her tips and exercises, we have seen results with our one year old lab. We are no longer left scratching our heads at what to do to counter undesired behavior, and our dog is happy and engaged participant in our training journey!



Dog Walker Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Port Coquitlam

Rachel Fisher is the owner and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of WagMore. 


She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Good Dog Academy), and a Certified Dog Walker (International Academy of Canine Trainers).  She holds a current pet first aid certificate.  Prior to becoming a dog trainer, Rachel was a lawyer for 15 years.  She gave up her legal career to follow her passion of helping dogs and people understand one another.   

Rachel can help you solve common behaviour problems such as jumping up, pulling while walking on the leash, nuisance barking and general lack of doggy manners. Alternatively if you have a new dog and you'd like to build a great relationship from an early age, then Rachel can help you both start off on the right paw. 

Rachel treats all of WagMore's dogs with the same care, compassion and love that she shows for her own pets. She knows how important your dog is to you and that you only want the best for your dog. You've come the right place!  Your pup will be in safe hands and will look forward to his or her training sessions.  


If you have any questions about our services please email, call or visit our FAQ page. Also check out our social media posts to see how much fun WagMore dogs when training!     



Tel: 604 - 613 - 0555

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7:00 AM -7:00 PM

Monday - Sunday






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